Thursday, March 05, 2015

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Donate Money

Donate money so SnowCap can economically buy food in bulk.

SnowCap can purchase as much as 20 lbs of food for each $1 you would spend buying food.  If you prefer to give cash,  your dollar can go further when SnowCap buys food with it.

Use the secure Donate Now button on this page or mail a check to PO Box 160 Fairview, OR 97024.

Donate Food
Baby formula and baby food are especially needed!

SnowCap cannot buy baby formula and food at a discount -- it's not available.  If you prefer to donate tangible items, baby food and formula are a great idea!   All food is gratefully accepted and appreciated.  Can openers and cooking equipment are needed.  Questions about food or other items?  Call the office for suggestions.  

In the Summer, share the bounty of your garden. In the Winter, the cold weather means we need soup, lots of soup -- we never get too much!

We also need the following:

- Vegetables and fruit for the Food Room -- both fresh and canned.
- Fresh milk -  when your grocer offers two gallons for the price of one, bring the extra gallon to SnowCap. Making use of promotions could feed lots of families at very little cost to you.
- Bath soap for the shower room
- Laundry soap to launder donated clothes almost all day long.
- Can openers for the homeless who come to the pantry.

Bring food to the warehouse door at 17788 SE Pine.

9-3 Monday --Friday

Donate Clothing

Clothing for children are most needed.  Coats and warm clothing are essential in the fall and winter.  Questions?  Call the office for most current needs.

In the Summer we need summer clothing.

At back-to-school time we need lots of new or like-new children's clothing.  Dresses and skirts for older and teenage girls are especially needed.

In the Winter we need CLOTHING for the cold, wet winter  SnowCap guests often have outside jobs.  They might have only part of the things they need such as COATS, GLOVES, HATS, BOOTS, sweatshirts, and sweaters.  Blankets and sleeping bags are always needed.

Bring clothing to the warehouse door at 17788 SE Pine.

9-3 Monday --Friday

Donate Your Vehicle!

Our partnership with Volunteers of America makes it super easy to donate your vehicle, working or not, to benefit SnowCap!  You can initiate the process online by clicking here and selecting SnowCap on the right side of the screen under "Select One of Our Partners" or by phone by calling VOA direct, 503-239-7944.

This is a terrific way to give SnowCap a big boost!
Volunteer Your Time!

There's nothing more valuable than time.  If you can donate some of yours to SnowCap, you can give a priceless gift. Did you know that the most needed volunteer work can be done without lifting more than 25 lbs or operating a computer?

The most widely recognized SnowCap volunteer is visible Monday through Friday in our offices and in the warehouse.  These volunteers interview clients, drive trucks, stock shelves, and other essential tasks. These are the majority of volunteers and we couldn't open the doors without them.

Another group of volunteers is sometimes described as special project people.  They cook the Thanksgiving Dinners, decorate trees at Christmas, sort the Postal Drive food, or march in the Troutdale Parade.  These people are dedicated to helping their neighbors, but their lives don't permit a regular weekly commitment.

Another group of volunteers is made up of the representatives to SnowCap from community supporting organizations and churches.  They let their members know what is going on at SnowCap and promote giving and activities for SnowCap to their groups.

There is yet another group that's rarely seen.  These are Board members.  These are the people who govern SnowCap.  They work with the press, organize special events, obtain important donations, and maintain good relations with our growing community.  Each Board member works an average of ten hours a month for SnowCap.  While each Board member serves on a committee, there are non-board members on each committee.  These are people who volunteer to help the Board on a specific project or issue.

The Board also creates task forces and study groups.  An Endowment Task Force is now studying how to assure our long term effectiveness.  If SnowCap continues to be a place where needy families can turn even into the next century, it will be because off the vision of some key volunteers.

Job Openings for Volunteers.  Call the office to find out about opportunities!  There IS a job for YOU at SnowCap.

Some specific positions that need volunteers:
Personal Shopper:  Help low income folks select and pack their own food boxes.

Interviewer:  Empathetic person with no fear of computers who will talk with people who need emergency food and clothing.
Pack Food Boxes: Some food is still distributed through pre-packed food boxes, Food 2 You and the Mobile Food Pantry.

Drivers: We need drivers to deliver and pick up food barrels, bread and perishables.  We have a great truck!  

Other: We have other assorted volunteer jobs.

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