Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Donate Food

Baby formula and baby food are especially needed!

SnowCap cannot buy baby formula and food at a discount -- it's not available.  If you prefer to donate tangible items, baby food and formula are a great idea!   All food is gratefully accepted and appreciated.  Can openers and cooking equipment are needed.  Questions about food or other items?  Call the office for suggestions.  

In the summer, share the bounty of your garden. In the winter, the cold weather means we need soup, lots of soup -- we never get too much!

We also need the following:

-  Vegetables and fruit for the Food Room -- fresh, canned and frozen.
-  Fresh milk - when your grocer offers two gallons for the price of one, bring the extra gallon to   SnowCap. Making use of promotions could feed lots of families at very little cost to you.
-  Bath soap and towels for the shower room.
-  Laundry soap to launder donated clothes almost all day long.
-  Can openers for the homeless.

Bring food to 17788 SE Pine Street, to the door of the warehouse. Pine Street is one block north of Stark Street and one block south of Burnside Street. The nearest cross street is 181st.

9-3 Monday --Friday
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