Friday, May 29, 2015

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Another group of volunteers is made up of the representatives to SnowCap from community supporting organizations and churches.  They let their members know what is going on at SnowCap and promote giving and activities for SnowCap to their groups.
There is yet another group that's rarely seen.  These are Board members.  These are the people who govern SnowCap.  They work with the press, organize special events, obtain important donations, and maintain good relations with our growing community.  Each Board member works an average of ten hours a month for SnowCap.  While each Board member serves on a committee, there are non-board members on each committee.  These are people who volunteer to help the Board on a specific project or issue.
The Board also creates task forces and study groups.  An Endowment Task Force is now studying how to assure our long term effectiveness.  If  SnowCap continues to be a place where needy families can turn even into the next century, it will be because of the vision of some key volunteers.

Job Openings for Volunteers.  

Call the office to find out about opportunities!  There IS a job for YOU at SnowCap. Here are some current openings:

Personal Shopper:  Helps shoppers select foods in the pantry.  This involves explaining how to use unusual or exotic foods, suggesting recipes.  

Interviewer:  Empathetic person with no fear of computers who will talk with people who need emergency food and clothing.

Shelf Stocker: Since we are serving 10,000 people a month, the food really flies off the shelves.  We need people who can restock those shelves.

Receptionist:  A Miss Congeniality  to answer phones, welcome guests, and offer the kind of hospitality for which SnowCap is well known.

Pack Food Boxes: Though we are now a shopping-style pantry, some food boxes are still packed.  We need help to pack Food 2 You boxes, Overnight Boxes, etc.

Drivers: We need drivers to deliver and pick up food barrels, bread and perishables.  We have great trucks!  Also greatly needed - drivers on Wednesdays to deliver food boxes to seniors.

Other: We have other assorted volunteer jobs.
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